Alan Rice - Inventory Control Coordinator

”Just a word to let you folks know how much CTA Acoustics, has and will continue to call on Tekswork. Your cost savings and ability to repeatedly beat the competitors price. Tekswork has become a company I can depend on for fast, competitive, and friendly people that I work with is hard to find in today's work place. Two thumps up!”

Roddy Harrison - Mayor of Williamsburg

”The city has been associated with Mr. Moore for 2 years and has recently entered into a contractual agreement with Eddie's company, Tekswork to service all of the City's computers.

A portion of Eddie's contract is to make himself available to handle any emergency situations that should occur within the City's programming. This includes computers for the City Clerks, Fire and Police Departments, and the Water Park. Eddie has always done an impeccable job servicing these computers. His knowledge is outstanding as he usually has the issue resolved within minutes.

In conclusion, Tekswork has been extremely useful to the City of Williamsburg. We are very pleased with Eddie's performance with maintaining all of the City's computers and programming.”

Ken Smith - Sr. Network Administrator

”The new program is a huge improvement over what we had been using. This will save nearly 50% of the time to print the packages.”

Gina Hopkins - IS Manager

”I have been using Tekswork services for several months and have had excellent response time and service on every occasion. I utilize many aspects of the business, programming, running cables, PC repair and networking issues. I have no question that the other services they offer would also be of the same quality.

The people are always on top of my needs and very quick to respond, most of the time the same day.

Eddie and his staff take a lot of pride in their work and I would recommend them to any business that is in the market for hiring their kind of support. Each employee is very knowledgeable in the area they work and seem to have endless amount of resources they can pull from if needed.

I also use them at several of our branches for DSL connection and setting up scanning equipment. They got the jobs done in a short amount of time and were able to get me the lowest prices on DSL too.

It is a pleasure to work with them and I feel sure they could meet any need your company would have.”

Vonda Martin - Public Relations

”In the present day, regardless of what field you work in, whether it be the medical field, the legal field, in manufacturing or other service fields, it is imperative to have the best technology. In a perfect world, this technology would always be operating as the creators intended it to, however we all know this does not happen in the real world. Therefore, it is a necessity to have a top-notch IT support staff available.

We at Cumberland Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine, PLLC began working with Tekswork almost more than three years ago, and since then, we have added 3 other businesses to their work load and their superior efforts, knowledge and personal service only increase throughout the years. Thus far, we have had nothing short of satisfactory service, and in so many instances, they have gone above and beyond what we are asking. Since working with Tekswork, they are only a simple phone call or email away, and they always answer us with instructions over the phone, handle the problem remotely, or schedule a time to come in to take care of our problem.

Tekswork not only responds to crisis calls, but they also work very diligently to resolve issues that we might not even be aware of. In the medical field, we have rules and regulations that we and our technology must abide by. In the past, we had problems with technological procedure. Tekswork has made every issue to come in and correct those issues, and since we have started working with them, we are exactly where we need to be.

I would highly recommend Eddie Moore, Chris Sawyers and their staff at Tekswork to anyone serious about having the best and most knowledgeable IT staff for their business. They are eager to make sure our office technology is running smoothly. They arrive quickly as possible when problems arise, and are often steps ahead of us, working on problems we didn't even know existed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding Tekswork.”